The third auction of the season in Denmark

The inspection has begun and the customers are arriving at Kopenhagen Fur in Glostrup to inspect the goods prior to the third auction of the season for the Danish auction house. On Thursday, 14 April and the following week approx. 6.6 million skins will be offered.

Kopenhagen Fur expects that approx. 550 customers will attend during the auction. Of these, approx. 300 are from Hong Kong or China. 6,6 million mink skins will be offered in a market where the customers have all the benefits.

Following the two initial auctions in January and February, it was apparent that prices, as expected, were lower, but also that they were stable. This helped create a much needed market confidence. The positive tendencies in February should of course be seen in light of lower market prices. However, after a while these prices will affect the world production of mink, which will decrease. This is important in order to have healthy market.

- We estimate that the world production, not including China, will decrease by 20 to 25 percent. We also expect a reduced production in Denmark. In China, the production of mink skins has already reduced and it will be reduced further this year. So we are already seeing a reduced production which by all accounts means that prices will increase sometime in the future, says Jesper Uggerhøj, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur.

The auction takes place from Thursday, 14 April till Thursday, 21 April. 6,586.405 mink skins will be offered. The first day of sale will begin with Mahogany Males.