Glow Velvet Males bought by Chinese family with long fur tradition

For Mr Zheng Peng Cheng, the purchase of the Glow Velvet Male Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur's April auction was quite a special event. It was his first Top Lot and not only that, the visit at the auction house in Denmark was also his first. However, Mr Cheng's brother, Fei Zheng Peng, has visited the auction house on previous occasions.

- Buying the Top Lot was a great honour, says Mr Cheng.

The Top Lot was purchased for the brand BeiJi Huang Hou Fur. Mr Zheng intends to use the Top Lot for a fur coat that will initially be displayed on TV and in stores before it will be sold to a special customer.

- We bought the Top Lot because we appreciate quality; my family has worked in the fur trade for many generations. In fact, my grandfather made fur garments for the royal family in the past, says Mr Cheng.

Mr Zheng Peng Cheng is not sure if he or his brother returns to Kopenhagen Fur later this year, but he points out that this experience has been very pleasant.

- We have enjoyed buying at Kopenhagen Fur. We are very happy and proud. Also, working with Tas Kletsidis, our broker, has been a positive experience. He has a strong and reliable name in the fur trade and he takes good care of his customers, says Mr Cheng.