Black Top Lot Swakara for fur fairs

It is not the first time that Michail Konstantinou, holder of the shop Konstantinou in Kastoria, Greece, buys the swakara top lot like he did during the September Auction. This year, his swakara fur designs are going to several fairs around the world.

It is the sixth time that Michail Konstantinou buys the black swakara top lot for his designs. With this lot he plans to go to fur fairs in Hong Kong, Chicago and Kastoria. He loves the swakara fur, because he can use the material in many different ways.   

- I can make coats, sneakers, bags, dresses, pretty much everything with swakara fur. Furthermore, I can use many different techniques when I work with the swakara, so it is a very versatile material. I think it is the most elegant material for garments on the market, Michail Konstantinou says.

The reason why he keeps choosing the top lot over and over again is simple. He wants the best possible quality for his customers.

The Black Swakara Top Lot was purchased for 880 DKK.