Bought top lot to celebrate anniversary

Gordon Woo from Simon Woo's manufacturing company Europe Fur Co. Ltd. from Hong Kong bought the top lot of Palomino Velvet males at the first day of Kopenhagen Fur's February auction.

Europe Fur Co. Ltd. has its 45th anniversary this year, and that's why Gordon Woo bought the top lot.

"The top lot skins are for a coat to one of our prestige customers," says Gordon Woo.

The top lot was sold at the high price of 1,000 DKK, but the price did not matter for Europe Fur Co. Ltd. Their customers only want the best quality.

"And that's the reason why we trade with Kopenhagen Fur," Gordon Woo tells.

Europe Fur Co. Ltd. has traded with Kopenhagen Fur for several years, and it was Gordon Woo's sixth time to visit the auction house in Glostrup, Copenhagen. Each time he comes here, he feels like home.

"Kopenhagen Fur is very professional. The service is excellent," he says.

With advanced experience and superior craftsmanship, Europe Fur Co. Ltd. is renowned for producing quality fur garments, which is exported worldwide to Russia, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Canada, USA, Japan, Korea and China. The fur styles by Europe Fur Co. Ltd. are marketed through their brand "Oriana".