Two Swakara Top Lots bought by one buyer

At the April auction Ms Eleftheria Konstantinou purchased both the White and Black Swakara Top lot. She is representing her father's company, Konstantinou Furs.

- We have been purchasing the Black or the White Swakara Top Lot for four years. This year, I really wanted both of them. I simply just love the amazing quality, so it makes me very happy that we purchased both. At our company we believe that top quality skins and a healthy work environment is the key to success, says Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou.

Konstantinou Furs is owned by Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou's father Mr Athanasios Konstantinou and the company is located in Greece. Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou explains that it has not yet been decided how the two Top Lots are going to be used, but she has many ideas.

- I have been thinking about designing some nice dresses or cool accessories, because the company is constantly developing year by year and we are striving for a more fashionable approach, says Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou.

Mr Athanasios Konstantinou has visited the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur for many years, but this is the first visit to Denmark for Ms Eleftheria Konstantinou.

- It is my first time at the auction and I really like to be here. During our stay, I have learned so much about the other skin types and I find it really interesting to see all the good quality skins at Kopenhagen Fur.