Pleased with Swakara sale

92 percent of the Swakara skins were sold at Kopenhagen Fur's April auction.


- The skins were sold at an average price of 267 DKK (38.6 USD). Corresponding to 9 percent price drop compared to the auction in 2014 September , says Dagmar Honsbein, GM of Agra ProVision.

In spite of the price drop, Dagmar Honsbein is pleased with the sales.

- It was a good sale with fair prices, especially if you compare current prices for the Swakara skins with those obtained last year in April, she says.

Dagmar Honsbein explains that the reason for the slightly lower prices is that some of the typical Swakara buyers were not present in the auction room or said that they still had sufficient stock.

- Buyers from the Russian market were absent. This was expected, because the rouble has decreased in value, making our goods more expensive for the Russian market, says Dagmar Honsbein.

This has prompted Agra ProVision to search for other markets for the Swakara skins.

- We are going to market our products broader and in addition to this, we are considering a different approach in Swakara designs. In cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur's design centre, KiCK, we may want to focus on Swakara designs using our skins as details. Furthermore, we will market Swakara accessories in various new markets in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur's Marketing Department, says Dagmar Honsbein.