Chinchilla Top Lot for unique garment

The Chinchilla Top Lot of the April auction was bought by Mr Tommaso Guida on behalf of the big Turkish company Punto.

- Punto decided to buy the Top Lot with the idea to create a special and unique garment for a VIP customer, explains Mr Tommaso Guida.

The company is located in Istanbul and is one of the biggest fur brands in Turkey. Punto has its own manufacturing and distribute through their shop chain.

Punto has been attending the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur for the last 30 years. During the years, Punto has bought Chinchilla Top Lots several times, because their customers want top quality.

- The expectations of our customers are always very high, because Punto entered the market as a brand name, and imposed as a guarantee of high level quality, says Mr Tommaso Guida.