Bought top lot to promote Danish skin quality in China

Mr Michael Tager and Mr Frank Sun bid for the top lot of Palomino Velvet males in the auction room in Glostrup Thursday morning.

They made the highest bid at 920 DKK and got the top lot for their customer Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli from the manufacturer and retail shop S.X. Garment Co. Ltd. in Xin Ji City, Hebei, China.

- I bought the top lot to promote Danish skin quality in Hebei, China, where I come from, and to promote my business too, of course, Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli says.

Shijiazhuang Xindeli comes from the same area in China as the top lot buyer of Silverblue Cross females, Mr Zhang Shi Xiong and they know each other well.

For the last five years they have focused on the domestic market in China, instead of the difficult market in Russia, Frank Sun explains.

Both Mr Zhang Shi Xiong and today's top lot buyer Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli are expecting much of the market in China.

- It is my second time to be here in Glostrup, Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli explains.

- And I'm happy to be able to promote Danish skins in China, he continues.