Fur - Inevitable in a Sustainable Wardrobe

The Copenhagen-based influencer, Karoline Dall (@karodall), with almost 100.000 followers on Instagram, is a well-known face on social media. Her style is unique, experimental and colourful and she is an expert when it comes to styling eye catching fur pieces.

To Karoline Dall it is very important to have a sustainable approach to her fashion consumption. She believes it is an important matter to focus on how many times each garment is used, which is why she mostly buys vintage clothes. On her social media channels, she often shows her followers how they can use and style their existing wardrobe in new and creative ways, thus prolonging the lifespan of each garment. It is in this regard she sees fur as an inevitable item in a more sustainable wardrobe:

“I see fur as a timeless investment that can last for many years. I bought my first natural fur a few years ago and I keep wearing it winter after winter.”

For the last couple of seasons Kopenhagen Fur have had the pleasure of collaborating with Karoline Dall, who have been excellent in showing, how easily you can implement fur in your style.

When wearing fur on her social media, Karoline Dall frequently receives comments, most of which are positive and of course some of a more inquisitive sort.

“Questions regarding fur is inevitable, and I know that comes with the territory. For me, wearing fur comes with a responsibility, but I am confident when wearing fur from Kopenhagen Fur because I know there is a high standard of animal welfare.”

In the gallery you can see some of the street style photos of Karoline Dall wearing fur from Kopenhagen Fur.