Developed through a century of careful breeding, Norwegian Type consists of the world’s most luxurious fox skins, featuring even, silky guard hair and dense underwool. The various fox types covered by the brand are farmed in Norway and Finland, and only the best skins are sold at Kopenhagen Fur.

All farms delivering Fox skins to the Norwegian type collection are certified according to the Council of Europe’s Recommendation on Fur Farming and national certification schemes that go beyond the recommendations. All these initiatives are put in place to ensure superior animal health and welfare.

Furthermore, from 2020 all Norwegian Type foxes sold at Kopenhagen Fur are a part of Welfur, which is the most demanding, science-based animal welfare assessment programme initiated by the European fur sector.

Main fox types

Silver Fox types



Edda X Norwegian Type

To celebrate our new exclusive label of Norwegian Type certified fox skins, Kopenhagen Fur partnered with womenswear designer Edda Gimnes to create a capsule collection that melds the clear vitality of Nordic nature with cheerful urban flavor.

It’s a collection that pushes the envelope of the versatility of fox, from flowing, dynamic collars that draw the eye, to three-dimensional bursts of colorful detail. The London-based Norwegian-born designer’s naive sketches and playful tailoring are at the intersection of art and fashion, inviting the wearer into a fantastical world that is a Memphis Groupstyle mélange of zany lines with a pop art palette.