DIOR once again Show Fur in Their Men's Collection

Kim Jones once again pays tribute to his love for the African continent with fur mirrored in the new SS21 DIOR Men collection.

Due to the pandemic, everyone had a front row experience at the SS21 DIOR Men collection showing. Safely seated at home or wherever in the world the audience was situated, we all bore witness to the everlasting love Kim Jones holds for the African continent. This time the African heritage was perfectly mirrored through the co-lab with the contemporary Ghanian artist, named Amaoko Baofo, who has been the inspiration source to the entire collection. For the first time ever, natural fur was part of a DIOR Men summer collection beautifully embodied on the front side of the torso in a full fur mink sweater. The painting ‘Boy in a Black and White Stripe Shirt’ by Amaoko Baofo has been meticulously crafted in mink using new hand dying techniques and classic intarsia furrier techniques.

To see more from the SS21 DIOR Men collection show, please see following video.