The Danish Fur Breeder's Association

Kopenhagen Fur is owned and managed by Danish Fur Breeders' Association (DFBA), a co-operative which was founded in 1930.

DFBA represents the Danish fur breeders in Denmark as well as in EU in political affairs.

DFBA also manages a research and consulting agency, which - in cooperation with universities and research institutes co-ordinates and communicates developments within fur breeding. Other aspects of health and disease control are handled centrally by the association. Furthermore, DFBA also owns a company handling price negotiations and joint purchasing of feed ingredients.

Kopenhagen Fur

Kopenhagen Fur is the association's sales organisation, selling fur skins from members as well as other suppliers. The Danish fur breeders own Kopenhagen Fur and make up the board of directors thereby having a decisive influence on the activities of the company.

The company is a cooperative society, adhering to the principle of "one man - one vote". All fur breeders thereby have equal influence, independent of turnover and size of business.

Kopenhagen Fur holds a prominent position within the EU, as the sale of more than 40 per cent of the world's mink skin production is conducted from here. Kopenhagen Fur is therefore accountable to the EU trade regulations.


Kopenhagen Fur is owned and managed by Danish Fur Breeders Association, a co-operative which was founded in 1930.