Chinchilla skins are regarded as one the most exclusive materials in fashion.

Their compact fur gives a soft and silky-smooth feel and is warm despite being one of the lightest skin types. Chinchillas have some of the densest fur of all animals, with about 50,000 hairs per cm2.

Most chinchilla skins have a beautiful blue-grey colour, shaded darkest on the back with lighter grey on the sides. Thanks to years of careful breeding, several other colours are also available such as White, Ebony, Violet, and Sapphire.

Originally from South America, today’s chinchilla skins are sourced from farms located mainly in Northern Europe.

Both the farming and dressing process are essential for high-quality chinchilla skins. It is our years of knowledge and refinement in those areas which allow Kopenhagen Fur to deliver the best of the best when it comes to chinchilla.