Kopenhagen Fur Studio Collection


Kopenhagen Fur Studio is Kopenhagen Fur’s centre for creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship and is committed to bringing innovation to fur design. Located in the heart of Copenhagen we have gathered talented and skilled furriers, designers and project managers all dedicated to developing new fur techniques, styles and ways of using fur in new and innovative ways and businesses.


Every year, Kopenhagen Fur Studio develops and designs a collection of new techniques made to inspire the fur and fashion industry. A selection of eight of the most relevant techniques are further developed into final styles in order to showcase one way of using the technique in a final design. Each of the furriers of Kopenhagen Fur Studio has contributed with their own insights and skillset to improve and refine the collection, both visually and construction wise.


The annual collection of final styles aims to inspire others to explore fur as a material, and work with fur in new and innovative ways. When making the different styles, Kopenhagen Fur furriers have been on the forefront with consumer-thinking by creating versatile styles for both men and women that meet the different needs of the fashion industry for multifunctionality and sustainability. Digital patterns of the final styles can be ordered directly through Kopenhagen Fur hence making it possible for the fur and fashion world to create the styles for themselves.