Kopenhagen Fur on the runway at the Shanghai Fashion Week SS21

On October 13, Kopenhagen Fur joined forces with new-generation fur brands including FELEFASA, DISY, CC STUDIOS, MSBEAST, MANMONA, QIQI FUR, and SAILOR MOON during Shanghai Fashion Week to present the "One Day to Z" event, with the support of famous actors, fashion industry leaders, influential media and opinion leaders.

The show integrated natural fur into a day in the lives of Generation Z, showcasing their independent, bold and free attitude towards life, which seamlessly incorporates fashion trends with their own aesthetic and fashion taste.

Generation Z in fashion: breaking the rules and a love for nature

Digitally driven, Generation Z is rapidly growing into a main consumer force. Their constant yearning for freedom, self-expression and natural beauty inspired the ready-to-wear pieces displayed in Kopenhagen Fur’s “One Day to Z” runway show. For example, the “morning rise” theme presented fun, high quality garments such as pajamas, loungewear and active wear integrating fashionable trends with casual settings using natural materials.


Sustainable fashion, at the top of the fashion agenda

During this year's Shanghai Fashion Week, sustainable fashion has continued to be on the spotlight of the fashion agenda. As a natural, circular product with a long-rooted tradition in craftsmanship, fur is a leading ambassador of slow fashion and zero waste, backed by strict certifications such as WelFur and FURMARK. Kopenhagen Fur’s motto “part of the solution” is more relevant than ever, and the Shanghai Fashion Week, a priceless platform to promote the many advantages of fur as a material, and in line with the demands of the new generations.

In the future, Kopenhagen Fur will join forces with top Chinese and international fur brands in the use of natural fur fabrics, technological development, and diversification of fashion channels, working together with generation Z to explore the fashion attitudes surrounding natural fur products and to release their development potential.