Kopenhagen Fur supports the industry with ready-to-order patterns

As the leading fur auction house in the world, Kopenhagen Fur always aim to develop new ways of supporting the industry. This time by commercializing the annual Studio Collection and making patterns available to stakeholders in the industry.

Every year Kopenhagen Fur develops the Kopenhagen Fur Studio Collection. The Studio Collection is a collection of 80 to 100 innovative fur techniques with the purpose to inspire designers, brands, and manufacturers to work with fur in new and innovative ways. Out of all these techniques, approximately eight are chosen and turned into full fur styles in order to showcase how a technique can be used in a final design.   

The final Studio Collection designs are of course always taking their starting point in the often time-consuming traditional craft of furriers, long lasting sustainable designs, and high-quality materials. Furthermore, it is essential that all styles are relevant across age, gender, and generations and therefore several of the designs holds more than one function and can be styled in numerous ways.  

As a relatively new initiative, Kopenhagen Fur has decided to commercialize the Studio Collection and make it possible for auction house customers, furriers, designers, brands, etc. to order detailed patterns and how-to guides of all Studio Collection styles and incorporate them in their own commercial collections.


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