Skins sold and carefully graded by Kopenhagen Fur are used to create superior quality garments in line with the world’s highest production and animal welfare standards. Through our internationally recognised labelling system, fashion houses, furriers, and retailers can be assured that their fur garments are of the highest quality.


Our two labels – a focus on quality

The Purple Label is symbol of the finest quality fur. Handpicked and carefully selected by Kopenhagen Fur experts to produce the world’s most luxurious garments. Produced with the highest animal welfare standards, Kopenhagen Fur’s Purple quality mink skins are exceptionally light and silky, due to their extra fine, short guard hair, and present a dense and full underfur.

The Premium Quality Label skins have fine, even guard hair and a full, dense underfur, characterised by a harmonious balance between guard hair and underfur.

By purchasing fur from Kopenhagen Fur you are also assured the highest level of animal welfare and sustainability.


Certified animal welfare and sustainability

Kopenhagen Fur is a part of FURMARK, which is the global certification and traceability scheme for sustainable, natural fur. It is a collective effort by the fur industry to deliver global standards within animal welfare and sustainability, ensuring that each step of the value chain meets strict requirements which reflect various globally recognized animal welfare and sustainability standards.

For consumers, FURMARK is a mark of guaranteed quality for the product they are purchasing. For businesses, FURMARK is an industry-wide commitment to exacting practices and sustainability across the supply chain.

Being part of the FURMARK programme Kopenhagen Fur is committed to improving animal welfare throughout all countries, and that is the idea behind the European fur trade's initiative WelFur – a science-based certification system that documents the level of animal welfare on farms.


Mink skins are graded according to type, sex, size, colour, clarity and quality in a process where we also evaluate the length of guard hair, density of underwool, along with the silkiness and suppleness of the guard hair. Grading of size, colour, clarity, and hair length is done with state of the art technology while the finishing quality grading remains in the hands of our highly qualified grading staff. This ensures that when buying skins at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions, the graded skins will live up to the description in the auction catalogue