Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest provider of the ultimate in luxury fur skins and an international brand signifying superior craftsmanship. Garments carrying one of our four Kopenhagen Fur quality labels – Purple, Platinum, Burgundy, or Ivory – are made from carefully graded, exemplary fur skins. Only skins sold through and graded by Kopenhagen Fur can carry our quality label. Through our internationally recognised labelling system, fashion houses, furriers, and retailers are assured that their fur garments are of the highest quality, and that all skins come from farms that adhere to stringent regulations. Most skins sold through Kopenhagen Fur are mink skins, but Kopenhagen Fur’s quality labels extend equally to fox, chinchilla, Swakara, and seal skins


By selecting Kopenhagen Fur’s Purple quality mink skins, you choose the finest example of one of the world’s most luxurious materials.

Kopenhagen Fur Purple quality mink skins are characterised by their lightness and silkiness due to extra fine, short guard hair and exceptionally dense and full underwool.


Kopenhagen Fur’s Platinum quality mink skins have fine, even guard hair and dense, full underwool.


Kopenhagen Fur’s Burgundy quality mink skins are selected for their even guard hair and dense, voluminous underwool


Kopenhagen Fur’s Ivory quality mink skins have been carefully graded and selected for their harmonious balance between guard hair and underwool.



Mink skins are graded according to type, sex, size, colour, clarity and quality in a process where we also evaluate the length of guard hair, density of underwool, along with the silkiness and suppleness of the guard hair. Grading of size, colour, clarity, and hair length is done with state of the art technology while the finishing quality grading remains in the hands of our highly qualified grading staff. This ensures that when buying skins at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions, the graded skins will live up to the description in the auction catalogue