Chinese leading trend bureau, WOW-TREND, invites Kopenhagen Fur to speak about European trends

From October 11th to November 7th 2019, the famous Chinese trend research institute WOW-TREND released their take on international trends for A/W 2020/2021 in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. Kopenhagen Fur was invited to deliver insights into current European fur trends on the catwalk and Scandinavian trends and culture.


The theme of this year’s Trend Release Tour was ‘REAL’ and paying tribute to the craftsmen of the fashion industry. Kopenhagen Fur was invited to speak into this subject, being the leading supplier of natural fur skins in the world.

WOW-TREND is dedicated to the brand concept of “Inspiring Ideas and Spreading Designs”, which combines trend information, design education, and ready-to-wear display with quarterly trend presentations to explore cutting-edge fashion messages and the most competitive design thinking.


This season's Trend Release Tour had a total of more than 1,500 participants, covering 80% of brands and designers in three cities. Through the cooperation with WOW-TREND, Kopenhagen Fur both promoted the qualities of natural fur and underlined the fact that many high-end fashion houses choose sustainability and to work with natural materials. The endless possibilities when working with fur was made apparent with Kopenhagen Fur’s yearly Studio Collection that featured a range of new multifunctional techniques and silhouette trends.


As the world's premium fur fabric supplier and the international fur fashion trend release institution, Kopenhagen Fur defines the theme of this season's fashion trend as "To pay tribute to the fur industry's craftsmen" with its environmentally degradable and sustainable characteristics of fur, which perfectly illustrates the theme of this season's WOW TREND "REAL".


With the rapid changes of our times, artificial intelligence, the era of robots, the exploration of the universe, and the survival of aliens have become ways and topics of daily life. As a result, fashion has developed to two extremes: modern high-tech and traditional handcraft.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio’s 2020/21 A/W Studio Collection is inspired by furriers’ hands with the theme as FLEXOR, ULNA, PHALANX, RADIUS, PALMAR, FASCIA, CARPUS, and METACARPUS. The collection features 8 techniques and natural-colored fur fabric to explore the development trend and consumption direction of 2021/2021 AW fur products.


During the presentation, Ms. Camilla Jakobsen, Senior Project Manager of Kopenhagen Fur Studio, and Ms. Josefine Præst Pedersen, Senior Fur Designer of Kopenhagen Fur Studio, shared the lifestyle and consumption concept of young Danish people and elaborated the core of Nordic design.  Natural raw materials, zero emissions, and green living are the favorites of today's high-tech era, and these elements affect the daily life of Nordic people.


In addition, they also introduced how the world's largest fur material supplier cooperates with top international brands to meet  theme collection and jointly develop new fur crafts and products and how to commercialize thinking and innovative use of raw materials, and expand for fashion brands and designers, which provide useful ideas about the direction of fur materials.