Kopenhagen Fur expands commercial focus in China

To support the fur industry in Southeast Asia, Kopenhagen Fur Studio China brings a rare insight into fur technique development and fur design to the newly opened innovative hub in Beijing. The aim is to inspire the fur industry in China and nearby countries with the newest fur trends and a greater understanding of sustainability, and thereby giving them the opportunity to pass on this information to retail customers.

Kopenhagen Fur’s centre of creativity and innovation, Kopenhagen Fur Studio is known in the trade for developing the most innovative fur techniques coherent with current trends and for working together with partners in the fashion industry to create sustainable and commercial fur design.

In an effort to be closer to one of the company’s key markets, Kopenhagen Fur opened Kopenhagen Fur Studio China in Beijing on September 22. The focus of the newly opened Studio will be to host educational courses and lectures, to introduce Chinese fur buyers to the newest fur techniques and to inspire Chinese retailers and brands to create new and innovative fur styles. Another main objective for Kopenhagen Fur Studio China is to educate all their stakeholders about the many sustainable qualities fur holds in order for them to pass on this information to their respective partners and customers.

Participating in the opening reception was Chris Cui, President of Kopenhagen Fur China, Kasper Scott Reinbacher, VP International Sales and Helle Meinertz, Vice President of The Danish Embassy in China together with customers of Kopenhagen Fur and representatives from the industry.

“An extended insight into responsible and sustainable production together with versatile and long-lasting design will help our customers in developing their product portfolio/range of products and support their marketing efforts towards retail customers, who are demanding responsibly made products that are not harmful to the environment”, says Kasper Scott Reinbacher, VP International Sales.

To learn more about the possibility of visiting Kopenhagen Fur Studio China, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Cui at chris.cui@kopenhagenfur.cn