British GQ highlights the role of fur in fashion

During men’s Fashion Week in London, British GQ and British Fur Trade Association (BFTA) hosted a panel debate on natural fur and its position in the fashion industry.

The panel was moderated by editor in chief of British GQ, Dylan Jones, and consisted of chairman for BFTA, Frank Zilberkweit, fashion designer, Astrid Andersen, President of ‘Yves Salomon’, Yves Salomon, Copenhagen fashion brand ‘Les Deux’ founder, Andreas Von Der Heide, and Central Saint Martins journalism graduate, Alexandra Castle.

The debate focused on whether there can ever be an ethical or sustainable alternative to natural fur, given synthetic fur is fundamentally plastic and the demands of the modern consumer.

“The fact that people now care about the environment is going to be so important for the fur industry because that is an industry that is one hundred percent ready for sustainability, and not as a buzz word but something they have always been doing,“ says Danish Fashion Designer, Astrid Andersen.

Copenhagen based brand ‘Les Deux’ founder, Andreas Von Der Heide continues by telling of the importance of educating the consumer and the fashion industry when working with fur.

“As a designer or a brand owner taking the responsibility to get to know the whole industry has been very important to me in order to educate,” Andreas says.

Listing to the debate was an esteemed guest list that included Deputy Editor and Fashion Features Director at British Vogue Sarah Harris, British Fashion designer Osman, representatives from British GQ, Holland and Holland, Daxs, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols amongst others.