Istanbul loves Norwegian Type Fox

While customers prepared for our January auction in Denmark, Kopenhagen Fur was also in Istanbul to promote Norwegian Type Fox and Kopenhagen Fur Mink to the Turkish fur trade.

First up was a seminar showing off Norwegian Type Fox to customers of some of our show lots to Istanbul’s biggest fur companies. Many of the visitors already knew about Norwegian Type Fox and looked forward to buying high quality fox skins from Kopenhagen Fur.

“We have established a close dialogue with the Turkish fur and leather business about our broad offering of excellent Norwegian Type Fox skins. Customers are pleased about the wide range of mutation skins on offer and the precise grading, and I am expecting a lot of Turkish customers at the auction in March,” says Kopenhagen Fur Senior Business Advisor, Jan Erik Carlson.


Modest fur fashion

That was followed by a strong showing at LeShow, the most prestigious leather and fashion event in Turkey, with 130 exhibitors from 14 countries. There, Kopenhagen Fur hosted a business lounge greeting retailers from countries like Russia, the United States, Italy, Argentina, and Kazakhstan.

In addition to the lounge, Kopenhagen Fur held a VIP reception with a speech by Alia Khan, the Chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council. Clad in Kopenhagen Fur Mink, she spoke on the connection between fur, sustainability, and modest fashion, even appearing on Turkish television.

“It is very important to have a modest wear ambassador, wearing fur and speaking on behalf of the fur trade,” says International Sales Manager Viktoriia Pustynikova.

“Turkey and the Middle East represent a growth market for fur fashion that appeals to a new audience, so it was good for Kopenhagen Fur to be present.” 

About 100 people took part in the reception, and 2,500 visited the show in total.