Top Lot For A Russian Swakara Specialist

For nearly 30 years, Victor Konstantinopolski has come to Kopenhagen Fur to buy the best quality skins for his business based in Moscow, Russia, having bought multiple Top Lots before in Kopenhagen Fur mink and chinchilla.

This auction, the Swakara White Top Lot caught his eye as a possible centrepiece for the launch of his new collection, ASTEL by Konstantinopolski.

“I was attracted to the quality and the very beautiful colour. It is vital for me and my clients that I use the best quality Swakara for our garments, and the Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot is the best of the best,” says Victor Konstantinopolski. 

"Swakara is a unique material and I have worked with it for many years. I have one of the biggest collections featuring Swakara in Moscow, in all sorts of colours, and I am developing new colours all the time," he says.

In fact, he has developed special metallizing techniques for Swakara skins where he coats the skin with a metal layer so that it takes on a very fine structure and develops a silk-like softness.

"Swakara is my passion, something I have always had a great affection for," Victor says.

His new brand has recently been shown in Dubai, and builds on an already successful business started in 2007 with his son Vasily, called Accessory Fur.

"I have been a customer for many years for my company that was a wholesaler of skins. Now, I will produce some luxury furs, and the Top Lot will be part of the first collection under this new brand."