First-Time Attendee Grabs a Mink Top Lot

The first trip to Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions brought high expectations for CC, from CC Studio in Haining.

At the September sale, she managed to buy a luxurious Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot in Sapphire Velvet Males for 4,000 DKK, beating out numerous other buyers in the room.

“The bidding was very exciting. We will use the Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot to create some outstanding designs that we can present on the runway,” CC says.

Having used fox fur in the past, CC Studio has been including more mink in their products to give them a high-end look.

With an online store since 2010, they have an established base of discerning customers all over China.

“We dress a lot of skins naturally, but we also use a low saturation colour palette,” CC says.

“We are continuously striving to provide high quality, so we were eager to come and try to buy some Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot skins for our VIP customers,” she says.