Kopenhagen Fur Mahjong Cup—We Have A Winner

To give customers a chance to relax during our biggest auction of the year, Kopenhagen Fur held its first ever Mahjong content last month, featuring brand new automatic dealing tables.

A group of 32 players entered the elimination tournament for the four-person Chinese tile game, played in a manner similar to Rummy.

Successive rounds narrowed that initial crowd down to a final four.

Pan Hexin of Harbin’s Golden Lady Fur emerged the champion, winning a business class ticket from a Chinese city to Copenhagen.

Runners up were Chen Shaoxue, a broker from Baosheng Import and Export Logistics, Zou Jiawen, a broker from J&K International, and Li Hongyu of Liaoning Meijia Xue Fushi. Each won an iPhone X.

In addition, all of the top 16 contestants received a gift of Bluetooth headphones.

Our congratulations to the winners!

Kopenhagen Fur Mahjong Cup