A Seasoned Top Lot Buyer

KC Fur Top Lot


KC Fur’s Li Rumei is no stranger when it comes to buying a Top Lot, having been bidding on them since 2015.

This year, the North-eastern China fur powerhouse set its sights on buying a stunning bundle of White Velvet Female mink.

“It’s said that in European history, white fur were worn exclusively by royalty to keep out the cold, much as the colour yellow was reserved for royalty in China,” explained Li Rumei from KC Fur.

“So we’ve chosen the White Velvet Mink Top Lot for its superior quality and to work with Danish designers to make a chic fur for a special customer,” she says.

KC Fur has been in the fur business for almost 30 years, and currently operates 10 stores in Northeast China, spread out between Harbin, Jilin, and Liaoning, with another 30 stores in surrounding cities and counties.

Online sales are also growing at 30% annually, giving the company a good insight into consumer desires.

“Warm colours are a main popular trend, with natural colours in greater demand, for example Palomino, Violet, and Light Purple,” says Li Rumei.

In 2018, the group plans to open up five more stores in the Northeast as well as a flagship store in Beijing.