2018 Kopenhagen Fur Mahjong Cup

It’s time to test your Mahjong mettle at Kopenhagen Fur!

As part of our ongoing effort to help customers feel at home in our auction house, we’ve gotten hold of two state-of-the art automatic mahjong tables, to be put to use right away.

Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce it will be holding a three-day mahjong tournament from 20 June – 22 June for auction customers.

The tournament has space for 64 players, and will consist of three brackets:

a preliminary round, a semi-final, and a final.

Participation is free, but space is limited, so sign up soon!

The Reward?

Fantastic prizes and of course the honour of being named 2018 Mahjong Master.

The ultimate champion will receive a round-trip business class ticket between a Chinese city and Copenhagen for an auction.

Runners up who make the final will receive a 64GB Apple iPhone X, with other fabulous prizes for our semi-finalists.


To register, please email simba.si@kopenhagenfur.cn, letting us know your name, the number of players, and your contact details during the auction.


Rules will be announced at the tournament.


Wishing you all heavenly hands at the tables!