Kopenhagen Fur is the largest fur auction house in the world

Five times a year, the auction house in Glostrup becomes an international hub. Chinese, Greek, Russian, English, German, Korean and Japanese is spoken in addition to several other languages. The hustle and bustle at times resembles Copenhagen Airport during rush hour rather than a Danish company in an otherwise tranquil residential neighbourhood in Glostrup. 

The sales season with five annual auctions starts in January, when skins are newly pelted, and ends in September, when the last skins are sold. Prior to each auction, five to six inspection days allow customers to inspect and evaluate the skins. Each auction attracts between 300 and 700 customers from around the world. 

At Kopenhagen Fur the hammer knocks for the highest bidder and the hammer sets the world market price for mink. At each of the auctions, up to 7 million mink skins plus many other fur types are offered for sale. In the course of just five days of auction, Kopenhagen Fur can sell skins of more than Euro 130 million, translating into a sale of Euro 1,500 per second.

Auction dates 2024

Auction dates 2024

February 2024
• First day of sale: 29 February                             
• Expected number of selling days: 5

June 2024
• First day of sale: 1 June
• Expected number of selling days: 6