Payment and delivery

Please note, information about Auction Fee, Storage Charge, Currencies is located below.

Please note:
Danish customers must make the payments to the Acct. no.
Foreign customers to the IBAN no.

Payments are to be made to:

Trade Finance
P.O. Box 850
DK-0900 Copenhagen C

DKK IBAN no.: DK1420000751141270
DKK Acct. no.: 2100-0751141270

USD IBAN no.: DK6420005005556005
USD Acct. no.: 2100-5005556005

EUR IBAN no.: DK7320005005859841
EUR Acct. no.: 2100-5005859841

For further information please contact the Customer Department on the first floor.

Kopenhagen Fur mink skins with labels

When instructing your bank to make a SWIFT-transfer in our favour, please use SWIFT form no. 'M.T. 100', and please ask your bank to use exactly the following wording in the field 59, 'Beneficiary Customer' of the SWIFT message:
In line 1:                      (account number of beneficiary)
In line 2:                              (name of beneficiary)
In line 3:                             (address of beneficiary)
In line 4:                             (address of beneficiary)
In line 5:                             (address of beneficiary)


NORDEA'S corresponding banks in particular areas:

Greece: National Bank of Greece, Athens SWIFT code ETHNGRAA

: Bank of China, Beijing SWIFT code BKCHCNBJS00 

: Shinan Bank, Seoul SWIFT code SHBKKRSE

Japan: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Tokyo SWIFT code BOTKJPJT

 The auction company does not accept private cheques. Please note that when paying by cheques, goods will not be released until the cheque is honoured by our bank, and that takes up to 8 weeks. 

Terms for payment by documentary credit
1) D/C must be opened irrevocably by SWIFT payable at sight to the banks specified below.

D/C must allow T/T reimbursement.

D/C must be confirmed (by the bank specified below).
2) All banking charges must be for account of applicant.

3) Terms of delivery: Ex warehouse Copenhagen, Denmark.

4) Transshipment and partial shipments must be allowed.

5) Period of presentation: Minimum 10 days.

6) It must be a condition under the D/C that interest from prompt-day until value date of payment to the auction house may be drawn in excess of the D/C amount.

7) Shipment by air freight: Copy of house airway bill required
Shipment by truck: Copy of forwarding agent's certificate of receipt required

8) Bank required:

Nordea Bank Danmark A/S
Trade Finance
P.O. Box 850
DK-0900  Copenhagen C
Please state invoice number(s) in the D/C terms.

D/Cs must be opened according to Uniform Customs and Practice UCP 600.


Cash receipts

According to current legislation, Kopenhagen Fur cannot accept cash receipts exceeding a value equivalent to DKK 100,000.00.

Auction fee

Mink and Finnraccoon: 6.75% on the hammer price + HF DKK 0.52 per skin + WelFur DKK 0.75 per skin.

Fox: 3.50% of the hammer price + flat fee DKK 20.00 per skin + HF DKK 0.52 per skin + WelFur 0.75% per skin.

Other skins: 6.75% on hammer price + HF 0.52 per skin.

Swakara, karakul and seal; 8% + HF DKK 0.52 per skin.

Please refer to Kopenhagen Fur's Conditions of Sale.


(HF = Handling Fee)

The storage charges are:

At Kopenhagen Fur's cold storage in Hong Kong

By Prompt Day

Until Prompt Day: Free of charge

After Prompt Day: DKK 0,02/skin/day

At Kopenhagen Fur's warehouse in Glostrup, Denmark

Until Prompt Day: Free of charge

After Prompt Day: DKK 0,05/skin/day


During auctions, the informative middle rates in USD and EUR are available in the service counters every morning.

 The informative middle rates are also available on our bank's website, daily.

 If you need a currency convertion you may use a currency calculator - you can find one on: