Gallery: Fifth Tsinghua EMBA Program Students Celebrate Graduation in Sanya

The graduation ceremony of the Fifth Tsinghua EMBA Class was held at Sanya's  Haitang  Bay, south China's Hainan province, on 22 March, 2015.

Kasper S. Reinbacher, the Marketing Manager of Kopehagen Fur, and Chris Cui, the General Manager of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office, were present at the graduation ceremony.

 - Since its inception five years ago, the Tsinghua EMBA program has received more attention and support from professionals in the fur trade and fashion industry. While making a lot of good friends on this platform, a larger number of alumni have achieved great improvement in their career development, said Kasper at the ceremony.

Since the establishment of the program in 2010, more senior managers of fur trade and fashion industry have started to pay attention to and participate in the Tsinghua EMBA program. As one of the activities to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the program, the graduation ceremony in Sanya has received comprehensive support from the members of the Kopenhagen Fur Alumni Association.

Three generations of the fur trade gathered together to complete the last course of this semester. They discussed the whole semester's learning content and shared their learning and working experience in this trade in groups. Pan Hexin, president of renowned fur retailing brand 'Golden Ladies', paid special visit to the activity and joined the group discussion to share his work experience.

The students also enjoyed wonderful 'Set Sail' sailing rally held by the Visun Royal Yacht Club, one of the organizers of Haitian Rendez-Vous.

- At the beginning of year of the goat, Kopenhagen Fur wants to send the best wishes to all the alumni, wishing them a smooth sailing in their career in the year of the goat, says Chris Cui.

In addition, the students of this year will start a study tour to Europe and visit the Kopenhagen Fur Auction in June.

The sixth round of enrollment for the program has been officially launched. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Representative Office at 010 84476804 extension 810.