Report from Kastoria: Greece’s Fur Mecca

Greece’s largest fur fair took place last week from 3-6 May, and over 1,300 visitors from 43 countries came to buy, sell, and have a look. 

Kopenhagen Fur was there to get a sense of how business was going, and as the main sponsor of the gala show.

“There were more exhibitors this year than last year, around 125,” said Kopenhagen Fur’s Greece Area Manager Leo Boutis.

There was a strong presence of customers from Russia, about a third of the visitors, as well as attendees from Ukraine, Italy, and Turkey. Customers were especially excited by new visitors from Korea and Kazakhstan, which they took as a positive sign of interest from growing markets, according to Boutis.

Swakara coats were popular, as were wild furs, such as sable, lynx, and bobcat. Mink and chinchilla were the most widespread.

“Expensive items can move a little bit better than others when the market is uncertain,” Leo Boutis said.

“In general, vendors seemed satisfied. It was a positive result because there was interest and there were many visitors from around the world,” Boutis added.