Creative fur meets high tech

Kopenhagen Fur Headstart Fashion

A little over a week ago, Kopenhagen Fur participated along with HEADSTART FASHION in the High Tech Human Touch Conference at Aarhus University. There were over 300 participants, ranging from figures in academia to politicians and business leaders.

As part of the conference, Kopenhagen Fur and fashion brand Twelvepieces manned a booth together with HEADSTART FASHION.

Kopenhagen Fur’s stand showed off some of the many exciting ways one can use fur. Everything from fur key rings to different fur styles on loan from Kopenhagen Fur Studio were featured. There was also a lot of networking with local actors, including representatives from the Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University, and jewelry company Louise Kragh.

Though conference participants already had some prior knowledge of Kopenhagen Fur, some didn’t – and were even surprised that Kopenhagen Fur has a department in Aarhus. The day was a great possibility to talk about how Kopenhagen Fur fits into the entire value chain, shining a spotlight on fur, design, and creativity in our digital age, explained Susanne Skottrup Andersen from Kopenhagen Fur.

Values in Practice

The conference’s goal was to show how creative skills and be used and create value in practice, with a special focus on four areas: fashion, design, architecture, and digital visual media.

High Tech – Human Touch highlights the need for new skills in a digital age. As a part of the day’s programme, a number of experts including Matias Møl Dalsgaard, GoMore, Rane Willerslev, director for the National Museum, Poul Gundersen, Lego and more asked to give their opinion on why the humanities, creative, and social educations are vital components for the creation of future growth, entrepreneurship, and business development.