Kopenhagen Fur Launches new Initiative to Support Fashion Brands and Designers: Kopenhagen Fur Development

Besides being a world leading fur auction house, Kopenhagen Fur has created Kopenhagen Fur Studio, housing some of the most skilled furriers and designers, who constantly innovate on how we work with fur techniques and design in order to expand the overall utility of fur.

One of the outcomes of this innovation hub is Kopenhagen Fur Development – a collection of fur techniques together with selected contemporary silhouettes and design elements all developed to inspire fashion brands and designers and able to be taken further and adapted into a collection of future fashion design.

On this new initiative, Julie Maria Iversen, VP Design & Creativity says:

Kopenhagen Fur Studio is first and foremost a fur incubator inspiring brands and designers on how to work with fur. With Kopenhagen Fur Development we have launched an initiative relevant to a broader, more commercial audience ready to inspire and to be interpreted and implemented in various designs and collections.

A collaboration between external and internal design forces
Kopenhagen Fur Development Vol. 1 has been developed as a collaboration between Kopenhagen Fur’s own furriers known as the world’s most talented and expertly skilled in challenging fur design and an external designer, Mia Lisa Spon, who has great expertise from her own fashion brand but also from various prestigious design functions in international fashion brands and studios. This collaboration has resulted in a unique collection of 26 fur techniques, inspirational silhouettes and four final fur design styles where status quo has been challenged and new ways of working with fur in a commercial sense has been developed.

“It has been great fun and a lot of ping-pong’ing. There is a certain insider way of looking at fur between the furriers and as an outsider and external designer I see things in a totally different way, which has created magic. I hope the collaboration has been just as inspiring and fruitful for them, as it has for me.” – Mia Lisa Spon, External Fashion designer.

The inspiration
Kopenhagen Fur Development Vol. 1 has gained its inspiration from Scandinavian nature and Nordic tradition. Simplicity and the raw essence of fur as a beneficial material is key. Four overall Nordic nature themes has been the inspiration behind all material developed, namely: Midnight Sun, Furrowed Forest, Through the Reeds and Harvest. Furthermore, huge inspiration has been picked up in functional, wearable and circular fashion design as well as in old craftsmanship traditions. It has been of high importance to create a collection without limitations to seasons or decades but focusing on classics, which never goes out of style and which can be used across generations.

For this collection, we have really been inspired by fabrics and things that we can recognize from the textile industry. Furthermore, functionality and the creation of something that can transcends seasons has been of great importance. Fur is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials and as a furrier and designer, this is extremely important in all designs. – Malin Lindqvist, Furrier, Kopenhagen Fur

For more information on Kopenhagen Fur Development and to download all material please go here

About Kopenhagen Fur

The story of Kopenhagen Fur as the leading fur auction house in the world began as a collective dedicated to quality in fur and craft. From our start in 1930 as a cooperative owned by Danish fur breeders, we have formed a unique community centred around the production of world-class fur.

Today, we are still driven by that collaborative mindset to work together to achieve the ultimate in craftsmanship, whether that be by knowledge-sharing, research, or innovating on fur design and its utility.

All fur sold at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions are part of the global certification and traceability scheme FURMARK ensuring the highest animal welfare and environmental standards throughout the whole value chain.