Kopenhagen Fur Adapts to Recommendations from the Danish Government

In light of the global expansion of Covid-19, the Danish government has issued strict measures to control the spread of the virus in Denmark. At Kopenhagen Fur, we are following the protocols and implementing the recommendations of the health authorities and the Danish government.

The main concern to Kopenhagen Fur is to keep all employees safe and minimize the risk of spreading the virus further.

All personnel able to work from home is now working remotely and all meetings are held online. Vital workers that need to be present at the headquarters are being cared for by i.e. workspace distance and careful hand hygiene. Our kitchen staff have extraordinarily made meal boxes for all employees instead of self-service.


At the same time, we are determined to hold the April auction as scheduled. We are looking into the different scenarios that would allow us to carry out the auction while guaranteeing the safety of our customers and staff. These may range from hosting an electronic auction, to a physical event with the required limitations. Whatever the outcome may be, we are confident in our capabilities to hold a successful auction in a responsible manner.



In Denmark, the government has imposed strict measures to control the spread of the virus. A two-week lockdown was declared until 27 March, encouraging people to stay home. Social gatherings are restricted, and Denmark has effectively closed its borders until 13 April. Although these measures should be lifted before the auction starts, the situation is constantly evolving. We are closely monitoring all developments and preparing for potential new measures.

In the coming weeks, we will be keeping our customers updated on the general situation in Denmark and actions and decisions taken by Kopenhagen Fur regarding the April auction.

The auction is scheduled from April 21 to 28 with inspections beginning April 15.