Fleuriste Effi Pingel Designs Prestigious Top Lot Prize for Kopenhagen Fur

In a world of fast fashion and overconsumption, Kopenhagen Fur continues to focus on sustainability and quality. So naturally, partnerships are made with likeminded individuals and companies. This time a collaboration is made to honour the April auction’s two Top Lot buyers with an extraordinary prize.


Effi Pingel is a Danish fleuriste and tailor. As the name entails, a fleuriste works primarily with florist expressions. Her portfolio includes work for established fashion houses including Dior, Christian Louboutin and John Galliano. Effi has a love for sustainability and all things natural, so exploring natural materials such as silk and fur is a big part of her work. To Effi, knowing her suppliers and being able to create things with a clear conscience, is also why she was happy to accept the proposition from Kopenhagen Fur to collaborate.

“Working with sustainable materials is of great importance to me. Textile production in its own right is one of the greatest sinners today, and I therefore aim towards working mostly with leftover textile from other productions and natural materials such as silk and fur” –
Effi says.


How the Top Lot’s are selected

From one prominent type out of the auction’s offering, two Top Lot’s, containing 50 skins each, are selected through an 8-step grading process out of approximately 2.000 of Kopenhagen Fur’s finest quality – the Purple quality skins. The Top Lots are offered through auction allowing customers the chance to create a very special product with some of the world’s finest fur. With the Top Lot comes the chance to collaborate with our team at Kopenhagen Fur Studio for creative consulting and PR.


Other work by Effi Pingel

Effi’s work with Kopenhagen Fur began in 2017, when she was asked to create 5 different textile samples for Kopenhagen Fur’s Atelier collection, an especially artistic technique collection aimed at high-end partners.


Since then, the collaboration has continued and for Effi Pingel’s latest collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur she was given the honour of designing the Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot prize. A prize given to the auction customer buying our highest valued skins in a specific category.


Among other work Effi has created for Kopenhagen Fur was the installation named “My secret garden” that showed different techniques of fur used in fur flowers. The piece, measuring 1 x 2,5 m, is now hanging on the wall in Kopenhagen Fur headquarters and is a sight for sore eyes.


In November 2018, Effi was first commissioned to create a Top Lot prize. An iris was constructed of silk and mink fur. The flower was made in the Kopenhagen Fur purple, with silk on the back of each fur petal and small feathers to provide a sense of ease and lift, resulting in an almost fairy tale-like flower. In the west an iris symbolizes hope and wisdom and is associated with royalty in some countries.