Chinese Top Influencer Visits Kopenhagen Fur to Learn about the Sustainability of Fur

The leading fashion and lifestyle influencer of China, Zuo An Xiao, is designing her own collection of sleeping masks, and therefore visited Kopenhagen Fur and Kopenhagen Fur Studio to understand the craftsmanship that goes into working with fur and the sustainable qualities of fur.


During her visit at Kopenhagen Fur Studio, she teamed up with furrier, Malin, to design a collection of sleeping masks, that will also serve as a fashion accessory. Zuo An Xiao created a signature sleeping mask during her stay - a red and white striped oversize sleeping mask. Before embarking on the project herself, Zuo An Xiao was taught the basic furrier skills, such as cutting techniques and how to use the sewing machine.

You can do so much more with fur than you think” she said surprised.

In addition to visiting Kopenhagen Fur Studio, she also spent some time at the Kopenhagen Fur headquarters in Glostrup. There, she got a tour through the inspection halls, so she could see how much work goes into securing the quality and sorting of the fur before it’s offered to approximately 500 yearly customers following the auction.

After two days in Copenhagen, I have reached a higher level of understanding of the many good things behind the use of fur” Zuo An Xiao elaborated in her visit at Kopenhagen Fur.