Kopenhagen Fur expands with well-known profile from the Danish fashion industry

October 1st, 2019 Kopenhagen Fur expanded their creative studio team in Copenhagen by welcoming Sophie Noreng, a well-known profile from the Danish fashion industry, who will join as Fashion Partner.

Kopenhagen Fur has for numerous years intensified their strategic work focusing on collaborations with international and national fashion houses and the use of sustainable and natural high-quality fur in design and production. Many of these collaborations are created at Kopenhagen Fur Studio and includes international high-end premium brands and national design talents such as Saks Potts, Anne Vest and Les Deux. At Kopenhagen Fur a team of Fashion Partners work with the in-house furriers on managing and developing these collaborations and Sophie Noreng will now join this team. Her focus will be on creating and managing new strategic collaborations with international high-end fashion houses as well as developing Kopenhagen Furs activities in China.

Julie Iversen, VP Creativity & Design at Kopenhagen Fur on hiring Sophie: “We have been looking forward to welcoming Sophie, who is very experienced and have a large network within the fashion industry and the right approach to creating new opportunities with players interested in working innovatively with fur and to educate the outside world on sustainable fur.”

Sophie Noreng has a degree in law from The University of Copenhagen and has since then specialized in Fashion Law at The New York University School of Law. Sophie has up until now worked as Director of Brand Relations at Copenhagen Fashion Week where she was responsible for the organisation’s brand and industry related activities.

On the change, Sophie Noreng elaborates: “I have a great professional and personal interest in sustainability and have been on a professional journey where I have worked intensely with this agenda for the fashion and design industry. In relations to this, I have been following Kopenhagen Furs extensive work on developing the use of sustainable quality fur. Becoming part of this mission and thereby to be working strategically and innovatively with some of the biggest players on the global fashion scene is a great and exiting responsibility, which I am looking immensely forward to be taking on.”