1,5 million people watches Chinese influencer LieEr Baby’s livestream from Kopenhagen Fur Headquarters and Studio

As the first day of Online Fur Festival – the first day ever dedicated to fur shopping - is approaching in China, Kopenhagen Fur strategically teamed up with LieEr baby. The Chinese influencer has 2,6 million followers and is the third biggest account on the Chinese streaming site Tao Bao

Livestreaming as a sales channel started to emerge 2-3 years ago in Southern China. Similar to TV shopping, the host and her team selects the products that are showed and work closely with the suppliers to offer a better price and quality competitive products to their followers. The largest difference is that the consumers can interact with the host – they can ask questions and request to see the product in different ways.

LieEr Baby makes the case for online streaming

LieEr Baby and her team started the visit at Kopenhagen Fur Auction House, where they were introduced to natural mink types and the high-tech sorting machines. Afterwards, a large amount of time was spent teaching the online consumers on the differences between high quality mink and low-quality mink. The amount of people watching during this time was around 500.000.

Later in the afternoon, LieEr Baby was given a tour of Kopenhagen Fur Studio, the creative centre in the heart of Copenhagen. Here she showed her viewers the intricate fur techniques and designs that the talented furriers had created, and the viewers were very intrigued – several of them asked about the upcoming fur colour trends and to see more of the technique samples.

Moving on LieEr Baby showcased products and styles from Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, which is Kopenhagen Fur’s B2C fur brand focusing on designing innovative fur fashion and full fur styles within outerwear and accessories. This was where the viewers peaked to a whopping 1,5 million.

Of those 1,5 million followers, around 1,1 million “liked” the fur campaign. Kopenhagen Fur is looking forward to October 10, where the Online Fur Festival will kick off. On this date, LieEr Baby has planned to show a video about Kopenhagen Fur and Danish fur to her 2,6 million followers.