Craftsmanship Association awards Kopenhagen Fur furrier

On Tuesday 14 May, Kopenhagen Fur furrier Malin Lindqvist was awarded with a silver medal by the Association of Craftsmen in Copenhagen (Danish: Håndværkerforeningen København).

True to tradition, the ceremony took place at the Copenhagen City Hall, where silver and bronze medals were awarded to the best new craftsmen.

The first medal was given back in 1867, and since 1927 the ceremony has been attended by members of the Danish royal family, and this year was no exception. HM Queen Margrethe II were present at the ceremony and congratulated the newly qualified talents with handshake.

Beyond the silver medal, Malin Lindqvist received a 25,000 DKK scholarship from the Foundation Julius Skrikes Stiftelse. 

A great and warm congratulations from Kopenhagen Fur to Malin and not least her talented teacher Sofie Erichsen, Senior Furrier at Kopenhagen Fur Studio, who through education and knowledge sharing has carried on the art of fur craftsmanship to a new generation.