Studio Collection 2019 showcases the essence of craftmanship

Kopenhagen Fur’s annual Studio Collection has taken the art of craftmanship even further. The new collection coming out in September carries craftmanship in all the different states from idea to the finished styles.

Craftmanship as a term is defined as the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand. To craft something extraordinary by hand, is exactly what has been the main inspiration to Kopenhagen Fur’s furriers that have interpreted the use of hands into innovative techniques and designs when making the collection.

“I thought it would be fun for the furriers to work with their own hands as an inspiration. You become attached to the collection in a different way and draw parallels back to the craft that goes into working with fur throughout the entire process,” says Kopenhagen Fur Creative Lead Furrier and Designer, Louise Fenger Hvilsted.

The foundation for this year’s collection is pictures of Kopenhagen Fur furriers’ own hands that has been fragmented and turned into artwork. These artworks have inspired the patterns for new techniques used for the styles in the collection. In this way each Kopenhagen fur furrier is reflected in every piece. All the styles have been named after the Latin vocabulary for bones and muscles in our hands, to articulate the role they have played in making the collection.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio develops a new studio collection every year, to showcase new ways of working with fur and inspire others to explore fur as a material.