Celebrating World Youth Skills Day

At Kopenhagen Fur we believe that through educating and training young furriers, we can improve the craft endlessly.

Today we’re celebrating World Youth Skills Day and our furrier trainees and the many students that come to Kopenhagen Fur Studio with eager mindsets and a wish to learn the craft of working with fur. We’re happy to share our knowledge and do our part to improve the skill set of young designers.

There are very few educational programmes left where furriers can be educated and only a few places that allow in-house training, but we are one of them and right now we are lucky to have Josefine Præst as our furrier apprentice. She has worked within fashion for 5 years and left Paris to join our team at Kopenhagen to explore the craft – after having applied for the apprenticeship for several years.

On the topic of how her path has led her to a furrier apprenticeship with Kopenhagen Fur, Josefine says: “One of the main reasons I pursued an apprenticeship at Kopenhagen Fur is when I started my studies, I felt there was a lack of craftmanship within fashion”.  “Kopenhagen Fur motivates me in many ways, and I really love that nothing is rushed. Even at times when we are busy, we still practice the craft until perfection”, Josefine continues.

It has been a year-long tradition for us to educate and train furriers in innovative and sustainable fur design. Our way of contributing to the young furriers is not only educating them but also giving them creative freedom to express themselves through their work. In fact, earlier this year, Malin Lindqvist, who was trained by Kopenhagen Fur and afterwards hired as a furrier in Kopenhagen Fur Studio, was awarded a silver medal by the Association of Craftsmen in Copenhagen.

According to the UN, the young generation is more energetic than ever. They seek out challenges and thrive on innovation and creativity. This is a generation that wants to change the world and at Kopenhagen Fur, we wish to embrace that. Our furrier apprentices and visiting students get the chance to work with a traditional craftsmanship and a natural and sustainable material, that is part of the solution to the many challenges the fashion industry is facing right now.

If you want to know more about our fur courses and modules contact info@kopenhagenfur.com.