Kopenhagen Fur invites in the most talented upcoming designers

Kopenhagen Fur has worked with developing fur techniques and promoting the endless possibilities of fur for a long time. A huge part of that work also includes involving upcoming designers from some of the best design universities in the world.

Last week Kopenhagen Fur Studio welcomed 8 talented designers from Japan, China, Korea, Ukraine and Russia. Some of the students came from the acknowledged Japanese design universities Mode Gauken and Bunka Fashion College and had participated in the Japanese JFA Design Contest.


“By sponsoring JFA Contest, we wish to inspire young designers all over the world to incorporate fur into their future designs. Every year, we’re impressed by the work that is put into raising the awareness of fur and encouraging young designers to enter the competition.” Says Jesper Poulsen, International Sales Manager at Kopenhagen Fur.


Jesper continues “In the months leading up to the competition several seminars are held, introducing design students all over Japan to fur and the techniques. That way every year thousands of Japanese design students are exposed to fur and we get the message out – that fur is a relevant and sustainable material in the fashion industry of the future.”


Part of the winning prize was a week-long visit to Kopenhagen Fur Studio, Kopenhagen Furs creative hub, in Copenhagen where they were assigned to skilled furriers, who took them through the different aspects of working with fur. The designers were introduced to the processes of preparing a skin readying it for design while also being given time to create their very own fur technique.


About her experience at Kopenhagen Fur, Akane Tsuboi says, “It was very interesting, and I had a good time learning various ways of creating fur from the furriers. Fur is a very expensive material, but very useful and traditional. I want to include fur in everyday clothing for young people like me.”


As a pardoning gift, Kopenhagen Fur sponsored the skins used so that the designers got to take the fur technique home with them.