Kopenhagen Fur Annual Sales Summary


The end of this week’s September sale brought Kopenhagen Fur’s auction year to a close.

Over the past five auctions, we sold over 26 million superior quality Kopenhagen Fur Mink skins, making up 93% of our combined offering in 2018, with an average skin price of 197 DKK.

In a challenging time for the fur trade, the high sales percentage shows buyers’ preference for high-quality skins, with demand consistently higher for skins from better gradings.

“There is no beating around the bush that 2018 has been a demanding year for the fur trade, but the positive conclusion is that customers still have an appreciation for quality,” according to Chief Commercial Officer Jesper Lauge Christensen.

“World production is still in the process of rebalancing. Having reached a peak in 2015 with 90 million skins, we project it to fall to under 60 million in 2019, which should have the long-run effect of stabilising prices,” Christensen said.



The most recent September sale also reflected the current market climate. Buyers purchased just over 5.7 million mink skins, with a sales percentage of 73%.

The sale of Breeders and Lowgrades, our traditional September assortment, was nearly 100% sold. Regular skins sold at a level of roughly 43%.

“September’s sale met our expectations in a very difficult market,” said Jesper Lauge Christensen.

The offering attracted a wide range of interest from buyers all over the world, with bidding from China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, and Italy.

A highlight of the auction was the sale of our two Kopenhagen Fur Mink Top Lots, with a fine bundle of Sapphire Velvet Males going for 4,000 DKK and a Pastel Velvet Female Top Lot selling for 3,400 DKK.

While it has been a tough year, Kopenhagen Fur maintains a deep confidence in consumers’ continued demand for quality mink and other fur types.

We are grateful for the support of our customers over the past year, and look forward to next year’s sale.