Danish 2NDDAY Gives Fur An Edgy Twist

Kopenhagen Fur regularly collaborates with chic brands to encourage the use of fur in fashion. One of our most recent successes was the Autumn/Winter collection of Danish womenswear manufacturer 2NDDAY. The label launched a new fur line, featuring three looks that use both Kopenhagen Fur Mink and Norwegian Type Fox.

The three styles, which are already available in select stores, all have a classic silhouette, but mixed with 2NDDAY’s youthful and edgy point of view.

“It was the first time I have worked with fur in general,” said 2NDDAY Design Manager Cecilia Bruno Jessen. “It was really interesting for me to discover all the different techniques and possibilities that are possible when working with fur, but at the same time also the limitations you need to work around.”


The collection includes two looks with Kopenhagen Fur Mink and one that uses Norwegian Type Silver Fox.

“We tried to make mink appeal to a youthful target group,” she says describing a highlighter pink coat with leopard print lining. “Add jeans and chunky boots to this and you have a very contemporary look.”

For Cecilia, it was especially interesting to understand the craftsmanship behind dyeing fur and how it changes the material.

 “What's so captivating about Silver Fox for instance is that when you dye it, it keeps the black bottom color and it's only the outermost hair that gets dyed,” she says describing a style with fox dyed deep blue.

“With its deep blue color and dappled expression, it fits well into our denim universe, and the way we have sewn it with zig-zags makes it light and airy.”


The collection also includes a classic biker jacket in wool with a removable mink collar, and Cecilia thinks that it appeals to a young demographic that wants to cut their own path.

“Fur is not just something you wear, like a pearl earring or a little moccasin. It’s something you pair with chunky boots or jeans to really create a look,” she says.