March’s Top Lots are Top Class

Consisting of the highest possible quality and selected through an eight step grading process, Kopenhagen Fur’s Top Lots are chosen from some 22,000 grading combinations and millions of skins.

- Top Lots really are the best of the best. For mink, they are selected from the best of our Purple Quality, says Bjarne Rasmussen, Vice President, Production and Quality.

Top Lots often are all around of the utmost quality, and often are exceptional in a sought-area aspect of their skin type, be it excellent patterning, length, hair elasticity, or all of the above.

Our March auction features six select Top Lots on offer.

  • Two mink lots in male and female:

Short Nap White Velvet Mink Males and Silverblue Cross Mink Females

  • The first ever Norwegian Type Silver Fox Top Lot
  • Two Swakara lots: Swakara Black and Swakara White
  • Chinchilla

Through purchasing a Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot, buyers can demonstrate their commitment to pursuing quality on behalf of their customers.

They also become a part of an exclusive honorary society known as the Top Lot Society.

Our Top Lots

The skins are placed on the Top Lot Candidates trolley in the inspection area.


Lot no.

Top Lot - Mink



Silverblue Cross Females



White Velvet Males

Short nap 1



Lot no.

Top Lot - Swakara



Swakara Black



Swakara White



Lot no.

Top Lot – Norwegian Type


Silverfox Norwegian type


Lot no.

Top Lot – Chinchilla