June auction is around the corner

Kopenhagen Fur june

The skin inspection before Kopenhagen Fur’s fourth auction in this sales season has begun. Here, customers from all over the world can inspect the skins before the sale.

Kopenhagen Fur expects that approx. 400 customers will visit the Danish auction house and approx. 200 of these are from Southeast Asia. In addition to this, customers abroad can also follow the sale via live stream, where they have the opportunity to call their commissioner in the auction room and bid on the goods.

The inspection lasts from 14 to 21 June. Typically, the majority of the customers arrive a few days before the auction.

The sale of mink skins begins on Friday, 22 June and Mahogany males are the first type offered for sale. After this, Mahogany females and subsequently Black will be offered in both males and females. The first day of sale will conclude with a small offering of wild skins.

Approx. 7,8 million mink skin will be offered during the auction. The auction ends on 1 July – after 10 days.