Chunchen Liu from Japan takes the REMIX gold prize

Kopenhagen Fur Remix 2018

For Chunchen Liu, snowy mountains were the main inspiration behind this year’s winning style in the international fashion and fur competition, REMIX.

The Remix gold medallist was the Japanese designer Chunchen Liu who received the prize at the annual award ceremony at the Milan fashion week. She designed a collection inspired by the snowy mountains and mountain climbing, which is a popular activity in Japan. The use of different types of fur illustrates the snow and texture of mountain rocks. This year, The International Fur Federation (IFF) requested that all participating designers worked with a sustainability perspective in their work process and their fur designs.

- Natural fur is one of the most sustainable materials which we proudly advocate for and REMIX gives up-and-coming designers a chance to explore this rich material and make use of it in their fashion career, says Mark Oaten, CEO of IFF.

Remix gives opportunities

The jury chose Chunchen Liu’s designs out of 30 other designs presented and from over 100 applicants from all over the world.

REMIX is organized by IFF and supported by Vogue Talents. Mark Oaten is impressed by the innovative and modern fur designs presented in the competition.

- Every year, the bar is set higher. From sketches to actual fur garments, we follow the story of each of those young designers as we watch them creating master pieces skilfully - it never ceases to amaze me how innovative, versatile and modern fur design can be.

Silver and bronze

The REMIX silver prize went to Siyang Meng from China. Her inspiration comes from the natural rock crystal and its many features and characteristics of the likes of coral. She was granted a visit to Kopenhagen Fur Studio for a week of technical training and practice.

Abigail Wirth from Hungary scooped the bronze prize with a manifesto against the plastic world of products around us.

All the REMIX 2018 winners will have the honour of seeing their creations headlining FUR NOW, the next IFF fashion advertising campaign. Through this, they will get global exposure via partnerships with leading fashion media and also the opportunity of having an exclusive exposure on Vogue Italia and

International jury

The jury was presided by Sara Sozzani Maino, Vogue Italia’s deputy director and head of Vogue Talents, and designer Arthur Arbesser; Rome’s Accademia Costume e Moda director Adrien Roberts, and Luca Rizzi, founder of the Creative and More scouting agency.