Catwalk report: Dior shows off Swakara

French fashion giant Christian Dior has unveiled a pre-Fall 2019 menswear collection filled with light, shadows, and fur.

The tech-noir styled Tokyo show highlighted Kopenhagen Fur Swakara pelts in a palette of metallic silvers, blacks, and blues, melding clean cut lines with the ornate patterning of the African lambskin.

Newly-developed metallization techniques allowed the furs to shine and glimmer with palpable energy, mixing the natural material into a futurist scenescape reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

It’s no small thing that fashion heavy-hitter Kim Jones has chosen to feature Swakara fur in his Matrix-like stylings, either. Laser-etching has been used to give the pelts a supple fluidity, juxtaposed with Dior’s signature asymmetric tailoring (tailleur oblique). Other pieces combine the fur with intricate lace.