Kopenhagen Fur’s final auction of this year

Kopenhagen Fur

11 sales days, approx. 7.7 million mink skins on offer and 350 to 400 customers expected to visit Kopenhagen Fur during the auction. This is what the programme offers when the auction begins on Saturday, 1 September.

The September auction is Kopenhagen Fur’s fifth and last in this season. Before the auction begins the customers will be able to inspect the offered skins. The inspection begins Saturday, 25 August. The customers will arrive during the inspection, but the majority are expected to arrive just prior to the first day of sale.

The main items are, of course, mink skins and the auction will begin with Mahogany Velvet Males. During the September auction, Swakara will be offered on 2 September. Norwegian Type fox and a large offering of Chinchilla skins will be offered on the final day of sale, 11 September.