The september auction has begun

Kopenhagen Fur's September auction has started with an offering of Brown and Pastel females and Sapphire males and females. Regular skins are sold at slightly increased prices compared to Kopenhagen Furs auction in June measured in USD, whereas the price in DKK has dropped approx. 5 per cent due to the weakened dollar. In RMB, the Chinese currency, prices are firm.

The number of international customers participating in the auction is approx. 450 which is a high turn-out for a September auction - the last in season. The offering is an end of season-collection with a high number of lowgrades and breeders. They were sold at good prices at today's auction. Especially the breeders collection comprising of a total of 2.3 million skins is attractive to customers because of the variety in the collection.

The total offering reaches just below 5.5 million mink skins. Sales will take place until September 13.