Kopenhagen Fur’s debut at Shenzhen Fashion Week

Kopenhagen Fur presented its debut show themed as 'For Fashion' at Shenzhen Fashion Week on March 21, 2017 in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong province.

Bringing unique fur styles made by independent designers, fashion brand designers and design school students from all over the world, Kopenhagen Fur established a platform for people from different industries to learn about the fur business and fur fashion.

As one of the youngest and most vibrant fashion creative industry base, Shenzhen attracted insiders of fashion industry from all over the world by holding fashionable and creative activities such as fashion show, fashionable art exhibition and fashionable gala.

Shenzhen is becoming a booster that promotes transformation of the clothing industry and upgrades the fashion innovation industry. That was the main reason for Kopenhagen Fur to participate in Shenzhen Fashion Week.

Some of the fur styles released at Kopenhagen Fur's fur fashion show were presented in the Chinese market for the first time and demonstrated different understandings of fur from various perspectives. Fur material is a basic element of design innovation, which is quite different from people's traditional understanding of fur material.

Meanwhile, 'commercialization' was also a special characteristic of Shenzhen Fashion Week in 2017 and the creative showroom of this year's fashion week was located in OCT Art & Design Gallery, a landmark of Shenzhen's creative design ideas. People could identify business opportunities by appreciating the latest fur fashion and techniques brought by Kopenhagen Fur exhibition at 2F 08-09 in OCT Art & Design Gallery from March 18 to 23, 2017.